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Strong Rubber Base Coat, 10PCS

Strong Rubber Base Coat, 10PCS

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XGnails Strong Rubber Base Coat

If You have any problems with thin, soft or weak nails and if nothing is holding on nails, if You have issues with nail chipping or gel "pockets" - this is a solution! We give a warranty that this base coat will solve all Your problems!

A revolutionary rubber base coat that is made stronger than ever. Thick consistency as a base coat with so hard structure! One month You can forget about Your nails - they will be perfect!

Allows for gentle lengthening (up to 1 cm) and building of the nail plate.

The exceptionally tacky dispersion layer allows the applied color to adhere perfectly, which ensures the durability of the manicure up to at least 4 weeks.

Thanks to the Cool Cure curing technology, the base does not cause discomfort and burning when curing in the lamp.

XG Nails Strong Rubber Base Coat is HEMA free!

Strong Rubber Base coat Special Features:

  • Creates the basis for the regeneration and growth of the nail

  • Thanks to its high dispersion, it acts like a double-sided Velcro fastener

  • The possibility of building up the nail

  • The possibility of delicate nail extension up to 1 cm

  • Fills cavities in the nail plate

  • Innovative Cool-Cure formula (no burning in the lamp)

  • Strong and hard as stone

  • Does not break

  • Does not crumble

  • Easy to apply

All XGNILS products are produced in Germany.


Prepare the nail as usual and remove the cuticle. You can use use our Nail Prep Dehydrator and our Acidless Primer to degrease the nails to prepare for the upcoming gel. Let both liquids dry in the air for about 20 seconds,  now you can apply a very thin layer with the Strong Rubber Base coat. Cure in UV/LED LampNow take more gel and model the C-curve and the stress point. Let the gel dry for 60 sec. in the UV/LED lamp.

TIP: Make sure that your lamp always has at least 48 watts and a maximum of 60 watts (We recommend a 48 watt lamp because they do not work with low heat mode. Using a lamp that does not automatically operate in low heat mode ensures that extremely highly pigmented gels are completely cured).

Now continue by not removing the sweat layer but either painting a XGNAILS gel Polish color on it or leave the nails as they are now. Finally, you only need to seal the nail with a sealing gel of your choice. We recommend our bestseller X Shine or Diamond shine to our customers!

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