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Stamping - Liner gel in a tube, Nr: 13, neon green

Stamping - Liner gel in a tube, Nr: 13, neon green

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High quality EXTRA pigmented stamp and liner gel. Very little goes a long way! in this one tube you can create opaque fine lines and also use this special formula for perfect stamping. 

How to use (Liner)
1. Have base coat and polish cured.
2. Create your nail art, use VERY LITTLE of the gel to create your outlines and line work. (Will not cure properly if you use too much product)
3. Cure in led or uv light for 60 seconds. (highly pigmented colors need a little more time)
4. Top Coat and your done!

How to use (Stamping)
1. Have base coat and color gel cured.

2. Place a small dot of gel to stamping plate and at a 40 degree angle scrape about 2 times till design is fully covered.
3. Grab silicone stamper and move from left to right to pick up design.
4.. When placing on nail, also move in the left to right direction gently.
5. Cure under uv or led for about 60 seconds to make sure it’s completely dry.
6. Apply top coat and viola! 

Volume: 8ml/0.27fl.oz. 1pc
Cure: UV Lamp Or Led Light.

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