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Refill nail files, pack of 10, 100 grit

Refill nail files, pack of 10, 100 grit

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XG Premium change file sheets half moon 180 Grit -  for a hygienic and cost-effective work in the nail studio

The file blades are glued to the metal file board with the adhesive device and can be easily removed and renewed after each customer. Thus an impeccable hygiene is ensured in the studio and at the same time you can save money because a file blade costs less than a normal disposable file. Due to the metal file board, the file with a replaceable file blade is very thin, lies well in the hand and the risk of cutting the nearby skin is lower. The file also has a certain weight, which supports the filing work. For the duration of the work process, the file blade remains fixed on the board and can be removed without residue after the work. 

Our XG Grit properties "Basic and Premium" differ between two qualities. Both are made in Germany, but each corresponds to medium quality and the best quality available on the market. With these files you get the best quality on the market.

To use the interchangeable file blades you need metal board

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