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Nail lamp, Led 48W

Nail lamp, Led 48W

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Nail lamp, Led 48W - removable base.

Perfect for manicure and pedicure. 

Nail timers: 30sec, 60sec, 90sec, 120 sec.

An important part of gel nail polish application is curing your polish between each layer, and you can use a UV or LED lamp to do this. But what is the difference between the two?

Both UV and LED lamps serve the same purpose – drying and curing the gel polish. But to understand the differences between these two nail lamps, we’ve taken a dive into how each one works and answered the most common questions.

What’s The Difference Between UV vs Led Nail Lamps?

Both LED and UV nail curing lamps produce light which cures gel polish.

The main difference between the two lamps is the technology within them, the type of bulbs they contain, and the type of light they produce. 

UV nail lamps take longer to cure your gel polish. Typically a layer of gel polish will take 2 minutes to fully cure. 

When we compare this to LED lamps, the time is much quicker. LED lamps, with their narrower wavelengths, can cure polish a lot quicker, usually in 30-60 seconds, or flash cure a Nail Art design in just 15 seconds.

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