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Luxury Milky Gel Lux Pink

Luxury Milky Gel Lux Pink

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Luxury Milky Gel looks amazing by itself - perfect for all styles of nails. It also fits perfectly with all kinds of designs and with hand-painted nail art over it. Absolutely fantastic in its simplicity also as it has an everyday milky tone that many customers love!

Hema Free Milky Gel is perfect on those rough clients whose polish always chips or to add a layer of strength on those with weaker natural nails

  • Luxury Milky Gel requires Rubber Base to be applied beforehand
  • Long lasting formulation that can last up to 4+ weeks
  • Keep natural nails strong
  • Self-levelling
  • Can be left as a beautiful shade or finished with a gel color
  • 100% gel system
  • LED and UV curable
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