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Brilliant Color Gel Blessing

Brilliant Color Gel Blessing

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XG Brilliant color gel paint is the highest quality:

Brilliant color gel is pigmented color gel with a lot of glitters, shimmers and sparkle effects. 

Our color gels provide an excellent and long-lasting color result. You can apply them in one or max 2 thin coats. With this gel You can easy cover all nail plate or draw perfect White french line or draw amazing nail art designs.  Enjoy easy color application and fast work.

Application: Apply color gel in one or two thin layers after build-up and cure, use them also straight on base coats. For an ideal and easy color application, we recommend our oval gel brushes.

Viscosity: Thin to medium. 

Harden: LED - 60 sec., UV - 90 sec.

Inhibition layer: leaves inhibition layer

Produced in Germany.

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