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Make Up Polygel White, Nr: 4

Make Up Polygel White, Nr: 4

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XG Polygel- the best properties of UV gel and acrylic in one product

XG Polygels are as elastic as gels and yet as stable as acrylics! This newest technology simplifies the nail design enormously. Due to the unique consistency, the polygel can no longer be modeled or brushed as usual with UV gel, but can be pressed into shape as with acrylic with the appropriate liquid, but still harden in a UV or LED combination lamp. Due to the easy application and the great consistent absolutely nothing runs into the nail edges and the modeling is almost twice as fast finished. All nails can be cured at the same time in the light curing device and usually only need a little filing afterward. XG Polygel has a super adhesion to the natural nail and has no to a very low heat development under the lamp.

With the right liquid, fortunately, there is no unpleasant smell as with acrylic liquid.


  • Odor FREE 
  • Hema FREE 
  • Vegan & Cruelty Free 
  • Plenty of playtime
  • Easy file
  • Strong like Acrylic
  • Flexible like Gel
  • Suitable for natural nail overlays or extensions
  • Amazing for beginners
  • Base coat required.
  • Best adhesion, easy processing, and extreme stability
  • Also suitable for tips and stencils, natural nail reinforcements or dual system tips
  • for optimal processing, the Slip solution is recommended. This serves that the gel does not stick to the brush and the Polygel is softer and smoother to process.
  • extremely high-viscosity consistency that resembles a kneading mass (becomes smoother through cleanser)


  1. Prepare natural nail, push cuticle back and remove from nail plate, carefully roughen the nail plate with a buffer or sanding block.
  2. Apply Nail Prep or dehydrator and primer and let air dry.
  3. Apply thin coat one of XG clear base coats. Cure in UV/LED Lamp.
  4. Pour some XG cleanser into a Dappen Dish and moisten the metal spatula.
  5. Take the material out of the jar or tube with the metal spatula and place it on the nail.
  6. Moisten a not too soft gel brush with the liquid and push and press the gel into position with light pressure.
  7. Once the build-up is created as desired, cure in the light curing unit for 120 seconds.
  8. Create further nail art, apply color or seal immediately.


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